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Kevin Ruck (Founder)

Kevin is CollegeVibe’s founder & grand facilitator. He is a native of Greenville, SC and has a passion for entrepreneurship, traveling, sports (soccer in particular), photography and everything CollegeVibe. Kevin attended Towson University on a soccer scholarship and double majored in Business and Economics. On top of running the company, Kevin is also responsible for a majority of the photo content that you will find on the site.

Christophe Limpalair (Developer)

Christophe is CollegeVibe's lead developer. Born and raised in France, he has had the tremendous opportunity to study the way different countries conduct business and has developed a passion for it. Applying this passion for business as well as for technology, Christophe really enjoys working with the CollegeVibe team to constantly stretch the site's capabilities.

Jordan Barber (Designer/Front-End Developer)

Jordan is CollegeVibe's Lead Designer. Interested in art since he was a tot, Jordan began to pursue a career in graphic design after graduating from the College of Charleston. He revels in producing fresh, organized work and loves working with the CollegeVibe team to see his ideas come to life. When not submerged in the world of design, Jordan enjoys being in the wilderness on bike or foot.

CollegeVibe was founded in 2013 by a few recent college graduates with the goal of giving insight into many of the well-known colleges and college towns across the nation.

Here at CollegeVibe, we aim to help prospective students choose the best school for them, provide access to information for visiting parents and alumni, and shed light on unique opportunities and venues each institution currently has to offer. We accomplish this by streamlining a one-stop hub for information on universities and their respective towns. In short, if you're planning on going to college or being in a college town in the near future, this website is for you.

We are a small group of "twenty-somethings" traveling from school to school, gathering and narrating perspectives beyond the scope of merely number crunching, in order to deliver a website worthy of your time.